My Story

Hi, as for gifts, they are one hell of an entertainment that never fails to surprise. A small, two or three second animation is rather a full dose of laughter that not only amazes the viewers but also urges them to share these with your friends and make them go through the same feelings that you passed. For example, your best friends’ birthday is coming up and most commonly what he will be expecting will be a surprise party or a timely wish but you can do a lot more for adding to that surprise, create funny birthday gifts for timely wishing and not a single one, create loads of them. And that is not the maximum; you can portray those on projector at the surprise party and so on. The point is, it really is an interesting idea that further will add to the amusement of your friend. Now there are tons and tons of more ways to incorporate gifts in your surprise; again you can have one of his funny video converted to gif and so on.


I personally like gifts a lot. There was a time when my response on social media was purely gifts but then after some time I realized that it looks more lame than interesting. Hahaha! Nevertheless, it did not faded my interested for gifts, my conversation with my friends on the social medias were less typing more images describing our situational responses. It really was something that we enjoyed a lot, we would keep on surfing web to find more and suitable gifts for us and the flood each other’s mobile with these animated gifts. Secondly, we loved to surprise each other with new and new ways, maybe a blooper, or some funny moment captured and preserved for the right time, or even we would be going through sites to find ways for surprising – trolling others to be more exact! Anyways, the point was that gifts are a good way to add into the surprise and you won’t ever feel disappointed with the fun caused by it.

Next comes the things you are going to find it in here. Well, they also are of the same sort. You want to surprise your friend or partner? You have found the right place. We have the absolute tips and tricks that can do the job and tons and tons of our tried ways that won’t fail to add in the surprise. The ways in which you can surprise your friends, gift ideas, alternative gifts, the places and sites to find them, the ways to create them, the place you can create them, free and paid software for the cause, top listings again for the same purpose, things that you must buy if you want to surprise, things that you can generate from your available materials, etc. In other words, I will be providing a complete surprise package that can help you in surprising your friends and colleagues to the fullest. You guys are requested to check out the interesting stuff daily because you cannot afford to miss a single way for surprising.