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Fitness Gifts Your Exercise Addicted Friend Will Love

Staying fit is a major concern of every person. Who does not want to stay fit? Staying fit and healthy must always be given priority. As per the researches made, staying fit is important as it serves as a indication of the functioning of our body.


Some fitness gifts for your exercise addict friend:

  1. Basketball which would coach you- This is not an ordinary basketball it comes with an app connected to it. This basket ball works with an app which analyses the shooting and ball handling skills. Even more it provides skill based work out.
  2. Jump rope without rope- This is a jump rope which has no rope. This could be used if if you have very less and limited space around you.
  3. Dumbbells– This amazing dumbbells comes with fully adjustable system and it it very attractive. Even more it occupies very less space.
  4. Word lock instead of number lock– This is a locking system which comes with a word lock in it instead of number lock. This is something new and completely different locking system.
  5. GPS watch with emergency alert system– This GPS watch comes with all facilities like measuring pace and distance. It is designed in such a way that it seems less bulky.
  6. Wireless headphones– These head phones as the name suggests, it is wireless and is very handy. Now you will never have frozen ear while cycling.
  7. Self massage tool– This self massage tool is made in such a way that it reaches all your hard to reach aches.
  8. Activity tracker– It is a very stylish device which could be worn as a watch, necklace or pendant. It tracks steps and all the fitness activities. Even more it helps monitoring your sleep.
  9. Smoothie maker– This smoothie bottle comes in such a way that it blends right into your sipper bottle. The bottle is very elegant and durable.
  10. Yoga mat carrier– It is such a carrier that makes toting the yoga mat not much awkward. It turns into a sleek role and is quite easy to handle.
  11. Sweat proof Bluetooth ear buds– Tumble, sprint or jump you will not feel the uneasiness with sweat while using this.


     12. Hydration tracking water bottle– It is a crazy durable water bottle which tracks your hydration level. It helps tracking your hydration rate.

     13. Touch gloves– This kind of gloves is easy while you are running or jogging and you want to use your phone at the same time.

     14. Pancakes– These pancakes will help you pump up as they are very high in protein. This would be quite healthy for our body.

     15. iPod which is water proof– These are a pair of water proof iPod with head phones which you could use while swimming.

     16. Bike locking app controller– This app would help you control your bike when it is locked. You do not need to be physically present near your bike.

These are some of the gifting articles that your friend will definitely love.

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