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7 Tremendous Gift Options To Buy Instead Of Flowers

Flowers are the best gift ever, but it is the time to replace them with other options. We are in the technological era and we have countless options for gifting. It completely depends on your budget, choice and priorities. If you do not have any issue with the budget then the sky is the limit. From technical to non-technical, there are several gift options to buy as a replacement for flowers. If you are still confused then we are here to remove your stress.

7 Things to Buy Instead Of Flowers

The flowers are the best option for both boys and girls. Folk, we are in the 21st era so; we all love only those gifts, which are useful and long lasting. Now, there are numerous options available for this. Take out your pen-paper and note down below options to buy instead of flowers. These are:


  1. Books: What is greater than to buy some limited edition books for your friend? You can choose the option of buying books for your male or female friends. Ask for their favorite author and purchase some best-selling editions. If you are purchasing them for a female friend then cookery or fashion-related books are the best options.
  2. Special skill classes: We all value the experiences rather than goods. I am not saying this; a research held a few times back, their study says that. Thus, you can make your friend to feel the experience of any special class like guitar class, dance class, music class, cooking class and so on. There are different kinds of classes available, you can gift them that special as well as long lasting skill experience.
  3. Subscription of a magazine: It is another different idea instead of flowers. You can buy a monthly or annual subscription of your friend’s favorite magazine. Well, it is not only affordable also; it is based on the formula of “keeps on giving”.
  4. Plants: Fresh air is a compulsory need of a human. Therefore, gifting few plants is such an intelligent idea instead of flowers. Plants look nice. You can gift some useful herbs as well. Aloe Vera and chives are the finest and excellent options. Choosing a plant instead of flowers is always a great deal.
  5. Athletic and sports goods: Everyone is fitness freak nowadays. Skates, a pedometer, bicycle, tennis rackets, badminton kit and lots more might be the best option.
  6. A stylish haircut: A decent and stylish haircut is such an outstanding option. You can gift some coupons or vouchers of a saloon to your friends instead of flowers.


   7. Food: Food is an extremely successful choice. You can take out your friend for a memorable lunch or dinner. You can pre-plan everything at the           place to make everything more special and terrific. If you do not want to take out your friend then you can order and deliver his/her favorite food           at the doorstep. This yummy idea is actually exceptional and handy.

Keeping flowers alive and fresh is impossible, but keeping the memory alive is very easy. With all above-mentioned options, you can make your gifting ideas more useful and fresh. Memories and experience never die so gift memories and experiences instead of flowers.

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