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25 Useful Kitchen Gift Ideas to Impress a Cooking Lover

There is a huge variety of kitchen gadgets and utensils on the market that qualifies for impressive gifts. If you have friends who are cooking enthusiasts then these kitchen gift ideas will help you to choose the best for them.


1)    Pasta pot cum pasta strainer: It is a handy product when comes to boiling and straining pasta. The oval shape of the container helps to boil pasta in bigger sizes too. The lid with pores fits perfectly to make the straining process easier.

2)    Chopper with interchangeable blades: For amateurs or professional cooks this chopper serves just the right purpose. The interchangeable blades are highly conducive for chopping vegetables in different sizes and shapes.

3)    Herb Grinder: It is just like the pepper grinder except the fact that it grinds fresh herbs like dill, sage, and parsley.

4)    Pineapple slicer: Slicing pineapple is a lot of hassle. The easy slicer helps to slice it perfectly in no time.

5)    Silicon bowls: Baking is an indispensable part of a cook’s life. The silicon bowls are very handy when comes to baking pancakes. Silicon measuring cups can be used for measuring the batter.

6)    Peeler Blades: A high-quality peeler blade is a chef’s best friend. The peeler blades make the mundane job of peeling an interesting one.

7)    Strainer Board: The strainer board is kept over the sink while the vegetables can be diced and sliced. This prevents the mess arising out of dicing and cutting vegetables on the kitchen counter.

8)    Potato Ricer: This kitchen tool helps to mash the potatoes smoothly and facilely. It will make your food nerd friend very happy.

9)    Garlic crusher: undoubtedly garlic add great flavor to the food, however, crushing them is a back breaking task. The garlic crusher will make a chef’s life easier.

10)    Garlic Peeler: Just like the crusher, peeler helps to deal with your garlic in an easy way.

11)      Jar opening pads: Thumbs down to all those sexist TV commercials where women are unable to open jars. These pads make the jar opening job a lot less time consuming. Gift these to your food fanatic friends and make them happy.

12)    Slow cooker: Slow cookers are easy to use and highly effective for cooking, roasting, and baking. If your gift budget is slightly high-end then this will make a perfect gift.

13)    Water Boiler: Talking about slightly expensive gifts, this one is another gem. It eradicates the need for boiling water again and again as it keeps the water steady at a boiling temperature. Gift these to your tea addict friends.

14)    Spiral vegetable cutter: This cuts the vegetables into spiral shapes to be used in salads and healthy pasta.

15)    Blender: It is a basic and can’t-do-without kitchen tool. Help your friends to make delicious smoothies and healthy soups.

16)    Oven: We all need ovens in our kitchen. It is a paragon gift for a newly wedded couple. An electricity saving oven is even more impressive.

17)      Oven mitts: it is a very affordable yet useful kitchen gadget. Gift this to your dessert maniac friend who loves baking.

18)    Salad Maker: very efficient in slicing and dressing salad. It is just another way of saying you care for a person’s health and want to have them a lot of salad.



19)    Wine opener: Everyone loves wine. Wine opener is a useful and a sophisticated gift.

20)    Pancake pen: The ketchup squeeze bottles are no good for making pancakes. It is professionally designed for pancake art.

21)    Citrus sprayer: It is used for squeezing the juice out of citrus fruits.  It is highly conducive to making desserts.

22)    Corn Zipper: We all love a sumptuous corn puree. The zipper rips out the seeds from the corn right away.

23)    Silicon Whisk: The cook doesn’t have to go through the hassle of cleaning batter out of the whisk. It is smooth to use.

24)    Knife organizer: It is useful even for those who are not a great fan of cooking. Everyone needs a knife organizer.

25)    Easy-Release Ice Cubes Tray: For people who loves to party and have their friends come over. Surprise them with easy-release ice cubes tray.

Gifts ideas for people differ according to their interests. For food fanatics complex and heavy kitchen gadgets are good whereas for amateurs small yet efficient tools will do just fine.

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